Have a look at:


AIR position on the European Air Quality Package 2014 final

Air Quality Initiative of Regions (AIR) Position Paper on the European Commission’s Air Quality Policy Review 2011-2013

 AIR Memorandum of Understanding  (Brussels – 10 November 2011)


Reply letter to AIR Group, ANEC, EUROCITIES and Transport & Environment on EU Tyre Label impact study by Paul Hodson DG Energy European Commission

(Brussels – 08/06/2015)

Reply letter to Air Quality on Euro 6 by Daniel Calleja DG Growth European Commission

(Brussels – 04/05/2015)

AIR Quality letter on Euro 6 testing to Anrijs Matiss Minister of Transport of Latvia

(Brussels – 30 March 2015)

Reply letter from EC DG ENVI to AIR Group on AQ package

(Brussels – 26/02/2015)

Air Quality letter on Clean Policy Package to President Juncker

(Brussels- 01 December 2014)

Air Quality letter of intent to Janez Potonick, European Commissioner for the Environment

(Brussels – 22 February 2013)

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