EMIS continues its investigation on emissions in the automotive sector

The EMIS Committee was set by the European Parliament on 17 December 2015 in order to investigate possible contraventions and maladministration in relation to emission measurements in the automotive sector. So far, audit of experts, Commisioners, former Commissioners, MEPs and stakeholders have been carried out providing interesting debates on the issue.

The EMIS is excepted to conclude its mandate on 31 January 2017. After that date, a report on the emission measurements in the automotive sector will be made available to the public.

A full list of the meetings (along with a video recording), as well as the EMIS working programme are available at the links provided below.

Recorded committee meetings | EPTV | European Parliament

https://polcms.secure.europarl.europa.eu/cmsdata/upload/967e82c9-cdb4-4e93-bf6c-8c55d941c391/EMIS hearings – updated 2016.11.30.pdf