Breath of Fresh Air: how can the new Air Quality Package deliver cleaner air for EU cities and regions

This event is organised by the AIR Group and hosted by Julie Girling MEP, who is Parliament’s Rapporteur on the National Emission Ceilings Directive (NECD) on 19 November 2014, 14.00 – 17.00 European Parliament, JAN 2Q2, Brussels

In December 2013 the Commission adopted its Clean Air Policy Package consisting of A new Clean Air Programme for Europe with new air quality objectives for the period up to 2030, a revised National Emission Ceilings Directive with stricter national emission ceilings for the six main pollutants, and a proposal for a new Directive to reduce pollution from medium-sized combustion installations (MCPD).

The aim of the event is to contribute to the current deliberations in the European Parliament and the Council, and explore how the new air quality package can support EU cities and regions in their efforts to curb air pollution. The two panels – on NECD and MCPD – will present in detail the AIR regions’ views and best practice to date, as well as having a discussion on the key issues. The event will bring together around 200 key players at European and regional level, such as regional politicians and technical experts, MEPs, Commission and Council representatives, industry associations and NGOs.

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Agenda 19 November AQ event

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